robert yang made me do you ;-)


spacebar to touch belly

q-p, a-; , z-. to move hand

up to flip the bird, pressing space to flip off~

Tumtation is a game about getting your girlfriend off by rubbing her belly while thwarting bad body vibes. Alternate between using the keyboard and spacebar to rub her belly and the up arrow key and spacebar to flip off negative thoughts. The concept comes from my preference for fat femmes sitting on me and the acknowledgement that this sort of intimacy often brings up body issues and hesitation for my partners.

What is frustrating is the difference between the game I had in my head and the one I was able to make. I had fun working with Evening Cicada on the main belly model even though I wish I was better at modelling. Prototyping the system was tedious because I forgot object oriented programming, but I intend to revamp the system for more complex interaction. Regardless, seeing the results gives me a little bit of joy in that I can partially execute an idea like this i.e. a game about fat girls. Full keyboard input is a nightmare in unity but I can't imagine it being nicer in any other engine. I liked how staging models was somewhat painless. I went to having plain maya models to functional assets working somewhat as intended in about 5 minutes. Fine-tuning had to be forgone and I edited the main model quite a bit in order to get it working in a noncomplex way. 

It felt good doing a portion of the work over time rather than all at the last minute. I had scope in mind at every step of the way and though I suppose I ran out of time, I'm not quite sure how I would have done it differently. I'm glad I stopped when I did because I'm unsure of how I can make it closer to the game in my head, but I suppose that's what learning is all about.

Published Jul 25, 2017
Made withUnity